Play now in our free open beta test realms!


short gameplay video: Testing Anomaly, a new beta-test realm


Download the beta-test client for "Maelstrom", "Vortex",
and "Anomaly", the Public Test Realms (reset 23 Jan, 2021):
Windows version (65MB)     Linux version (67MB)

*NEW* Raspberry Pi 400 version (46MB)
* Tested on (updated) Raspberry Pi OS 2020-12-02 *
This is the same client, with a smaller starfield, as
the PC version. When there are many explosions
on-screen, the framerate will drop briefly.

  The very short but poetic Raven backstory...  

The Lost Raven MMO: The (recently updated) Reference
and Glossary of Game Objects and Terminology

(slightly outdated) Screenshots

The clients require no installation.
To run the Linux or the Raspberry Pi versions:

1) extract either the Linux PC or Raspberry Pi program:
bunzip2 Raven.bz2
bunzip2 Raven.pi.bz2

2) make your copy executable:
chmod +x Raven
chmod +x Raven.pi

3) Run your version:

Beta-Test Clients (dated 23Jan2021) sha256 hashes:

b2f3197530cb763af6731d6792807bcfb9150c4150de5dc97ff73a1917cb6804 Raven.bz2
77fe1474b1bcc70df69edfb03c6aeebbef12aaf4fde376117751f32c88de312e Raven

Raspberry Pi 400:
5c2ec9b08a318745c183d018e2b427951679130e11571ff069c4cec3315c86f0 Raven.pi.bz2
fa854a4017b234b9aa4f774963cda7b32d884f66a5c9eaca37cc530f28c68604 Raven.pi

d3a9450668010c17b2ae184eb82ccf115a835dd69b4e382d078e9e29e83006b7 Raven.exe