Starship Traders MMO (Beta)


  • A true Sandbox; You can change, create, destroy, move, or guard anything.
  • Large galaxies to play and hide in, with an autopilot for navigation.
  • Combat consumes expendable resources; there are no free kills.
  • Player housing is secure, shareable, moveable, and in the open world.
  • Each of the three realms is unique.
  • SSTMMO is close to you! [Amsterdam (EU), New York (US), and Sydney (AU)]

  • __News__

    Planning to release on Steam this summer

    __Download Links__

    Linux version (128MB)
    Windows version (126MB)
    Raspberry Pi 400 version (108MB)

    (Tested on Raspberry Pi OS)

    __Game Information__
    A Quick Start Guide to Starship Traders MMO

    Why Starship Traders is different from other MMO's

    SST MMO Lore: The Tale of the Lost Raven

    Screenshots, slightly outdated

    A short gameplay video

    The game Reference

    __Software Instructions__

    The clients are self-contained programs that require no installation.
    To run the Linux or the Raspberry Pi versions perform the following steps from a terminal window:

    1) Uncompress either the Linux PC or Raspberry Pi program:
    bunzip2 sstmmo.bz2
    bunzip2 sstmmo.pi.bz2

    2) Make your program executable:
    chmod +x sstmmo
    chmod +x sstmmo.pi

    3) Run your version: You can now use your GUI view to click on the program -- or you can run it directly from the terminal as in the examples below:

    (Note that you may see a few debugging messages upon exit when running from a terminal window. These messages refer to items used internal to the client and you can safely ignore them. The messages are only useful for developers.)

    __sha256 file hashes__

    Linux: Fri May 26 07:10:15 EDT 2023
    1d8ab80b81931a9adfba184777b29eca2e334aade4488c22cedd8aa672421d70 sstmmo
    2f1d1f912781392401be9667f2ce9bcb17dc60fbf661a4171ddd855d97e634fc sstmmo.bz2

    Windows: Fri May 26 07:10:16 EDT 2023
    07ae220403c4a3bf15ebe31745dc98fae09a2a5fc84b828962baf2881a81316e sstmmo.exe

    Raspberry Pi 400: Fri May 26 07:10:17 EDT 2023
    1b12c330475014ce5ae05c41b9af3c502c6b73ca3d8ec5dc7aa50ea38e5cce9e sstmmo.pi
    f2252233bbddbb955ad629ef6f801d07b9c538016b4b0215ccdc1d4951651638 sstmmo.pi.bz2